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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of our patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. James Hinsch

“The best part was that I was able to see the doctor the next day.Not something I was not able to do with other chiropractic offices in the area. Even though there are other chiropractic doctors closer to where I live I will be using Dr.Hinch in the future . I went from barely being able to walk to feeling almost normal in a couple of visits.” – Steve M.

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hinsch from my initial phone call, to my first appointment and with each appointment following. I have confidence in his plan for my course of treatment and for the long term plan and for better overall health.” -Audrey P.

“I will definitely be coming back and making adjustments as part of my regular routine. Dr H delivers excellent and gentle care with skill, straightforwardness and humor. My back is grateful and so am I!” -Meghan M.

“As a first-time chiropractic patient, I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Hinsch was fantastic, very friendly, informative and thorough. Dr. Hinsch’s office staff were able to get me an appointment straight away and are always engaging and friendly. Thanks for making this experience a great one.” – Anonymous

“My experience as a patient of Dr Hinsch’s was very positive and informative. Having back pain is what brought me to Dr Hinsch and his thorough explanation of what is causing the pain makes me hopeful moving forward that I will have relief and also stay on top of what I need to do in conjunction with Dr. Hinsch’s chiropractic care.” -Jean R.

“I had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Hinsch. He was very meticulous and knowledgeable. He took the time to carefully explain everything. I could tell that he really wants to help people.” -Amber S.

“I am very confident about Dr. Hinsch skills, patient concern and clarity of information shared. I look forward achieving good health with Dr. Hinsch guidance.” -Carole M.

“Impressed by the thoughtful, thorough and clear explanations of the issues. As well, I couldn’t wish for a faster or more professional response to my initial inquiry. Exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much, I’m confident that were off to a great start and that you have nailed the problem perfectly and at short notice. Looking forward to working with you.” -Joanna L.

“I have enjoyed the approach which is different from other previous chiropractic experiences.” -Alfonso M.

“Appreciated explanations of my condition and what to expect with each procedure and then what I can hope for after a period of time.” -Crystal S.

“First, I was impressed that I was seen on time; this is not the case with many doctor visits. But, most importantly I was impressed with the initial testing and the follow-up, explaining the results to me and what Dr. Hinsch’s approach would be to alleviate my symptoms and pain. I waited way too long before going to Family Chiropractic Office. I was skeptical about chiropractic practices. I am so glad that I decided to give it a try. The results so far have been great. I am still in treatment and am looking forward to getting even better, to be pain free.” – Linda B., Riverhead

“I am very appreciative and thankful for the care, concern and expert help received from Dr Hinsch. I will never forget how he opened his facility on Saturday and Sunday to help me when I was in a very painful way. I look forward to getting well and functional again, and getting further help and advice to strengthen, straighten and be healthily.” – Richard C.

“My first adjustment ended seven years of silent suffering. For the first time since the age of fourteen I know what it’s like not to have pain in my head.” – J.M., Mattituck

“Adjustments have done wonders for me. The headaches that have been bothering me everyday for months have disappeared.” – .E.J., Mattituck

“I would not be able to function normally without chiropractic.” – B.M., Riverhead

“I suffered for months with anxiety and was given medication that wasn’t really necessary. I’m very glad chiropractic is available. I don’t know what I would have done without it.” – K.H., Jamesport

“I have not only had relief from the symptomatic pain, but I’ve also regained some of my energy level and about 50% of my stamina level. A general feeling of well-being has returned, and I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.” – R.H., Southold

“Chiropractic has helped me a lot. I should have come sooner.” – N.S., Mattituck

“I tried physical therapy, pain medication, Tylenol, Advil and prescription drugs. I tell people to go to Dr. Hinsch and get adjusted; It will help your body function at its highest level. I wish I could have begun chiropractic care earlier, before the pain started.” – S.W., Riverhead

“When I first came for my back problem, I told Dr. Hinsch about my migraine headaches. The neck exercises and adjustments have worked wonders. Those horse pills my family doctor gave me for headaches are now in the garbage.” – S.K., Mattituck

“My six year old was suffering from chronic ear infections. The antibiotics were not working and the next step was to put tubes in her ears. It turns out that her getting adjusted helped her with her infections and she never suffered from them again. I was adjusted during my pregnancy and it helped tremendously. When my son was born I immediately started getting him adjusted. I wanted him to benefit from chiropractic care just as the rest of my kids have. My kids enjoy going to the chiropractor and notice the difference in how much healthier they are; If they do get colds it is much milder and doesn’t last as long.” – E.P., Mattituck

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